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Hello everyone! Welcome again to my NEW SITE *&* BRAND NEW layout!


BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! My DVD ordering page is BACK UP!


My new layout has a lot of COOL Java features, if you do not have JAVA or have your JAVA turned off, you are going to miss out on some neat things I've picked up *&* learned. Be sure to check out my whole site baby *&* every link I have. Even if you have been to my site before, due to the fact I have added TONS of NEW things. If you do take the time, you never know what you may find. I have hidden more SURPRISES all over MY NEW SITE! Just when you think you seen all of it, you'll lose out on something because you didn't read my site, or just didn't bother clicking that one link.

I hope you all like the NEW LAYOUT that I have come up with and decided to go with. I am opening a lot of NEW ways to interact with me on this layout, unlike before. Sorry I'm still learning *&* still don't know near enough to do everything I'm wanting to do with my personal site. Learning everything I have so far *&* listening to everything you all had to say, I think you will like all the things I've done so far.

One MAJOR deal that I had to do to keep everything moving is joining up with Carol Cox, but it has fallen through *&* NOT going to happen with them. The Internets 1st Amateur, yet they DID NOT DO WHAT THEY SAID THEY WAS GOING TO DO. After giving them several years of doing everything they ask, from content to anything else, they NEVER produced what they said they was going to. You can read more about this inside my latest updates area.

One BIG TROUBLE with all this is they are no longer seem to be updating any sites, nor working on mine like they said they was going to do. They built a temp plate *&* nothing eles, I've given them all the video content that they ask for, but they are NOT filling any of it in! I really hate when someone says they are going to do something *&* don't!!!!

ALERT!! My PERSONAL WELCUM video is now loaded.....
Have you seen my personal WELCOME VIDEO yet? View it now!

Press Play to view my Welcum video..........
CLICK HERE To Start My Welcome Video in Undocked Player.

Download Windows Media Player HereDownload Windows Media Player Here

Some of the  NEW things you will find here now is my LIVE status indacators for a variety of things. For example, you can now tell if I am available for hot phone sex by looking at my phone online indacator. Also all my personal IF fan club members get my FREE bath *&* or both shower shows almost daily. You will now be able to see when I am giving them by seeing If Fan club indacator. Then when I am online waiting to do a custom show for whomever would like one, including you silly, you will see my LIVE Cam indacator. Making it much easier for you to know more about when you can have me!
Something else NEW here that I have added! Is better ways to keep in touch with everything going on with the UNDERGROUND SEX world. I have started a few different google groups to allow others to trade personal stories about their escapades, share pictures, *&* video's. Find out all the HOTTEST locations, meet up with others *&* if you are a member of my private google groups, even get to FUCK ME! Be sure to check it out my SPECIAL EVENTS area *&* learn how you can become a member of my private google groups. Then you can find out when *&* where I go out to the Adult Theaters *&* Bookstores, when you are a member of it *&* get your shot at letting me suck you dry! They are doing the groups as BETA, just give them time *&* they will be great. Remeber they are NEW *&* will grow large in time! Fill free to check them out *&* join the public ones, looking to join my private one, so you can be sent a notice everytime I go out *&* play, visit my SPECIAL EVENTS area *&* learn more!
Fill free to check out these if you like to be members of newgroups, join any of these.
Google Groups Gloryhole-Girls Open to all if you would like to join!
Google Groups NaughtyWebcams Open to all if you would like to join!
Google Groups Ohio-Girls-Getting-Naughty Open to all looking in Ohio!
Google Groups American_Phone_Sex_Girls Looking for "US" girls join!
Google Groups Playful-Young-Ladies Open to all looking for fun to join!
Google Groups NaughtyAdults Open to all looking in for fun to join!

Then we also have as you can see on the left top area, my NEW personal chat room.

Check out my chatroom, open 24/7 for all to enjoy *&* meet others!

Giving you that personal touch so I can interact with you all whenever I'm on the site. Which in most cases, it's all the time. Although I am keeping my chat open 24/7 for anyone to enjoy. This way you might find that spot in your town or person nextdoor to you, so you can possibly have that anonymous sexual experience. Maybe if you know a great spot you'd like to tell me or others, *&* now you can. Having not been able to chat openly where some of you have stopped over *&* seen me, here I can talk about my own site.
Not only everything that I have listed so far, but yet even more great news about what's NEW here now! You will NO LONGER have to be a member of any site to get a LIVE personal cam show from me, just the way you like baby. Now I have an EPassporte account, *&* with it you can fund my card LIVE right online, just like PAYPAL except EPassporte accepts Adult. Ever since PAYPAL stopped doing any sites that have anything to do with Adult types of material, lots of people had no where to turn. You couldn't even have PAYPAL for donations only. With my EPassporte, I can accept your direct donations, you can pay for a LIVE cam show without ever joining any Adult site. If you have a EPassporte, you are already set, if you don't have one yet, just visit EPassporte now *&* get the safety of not having to use your everyday C.C. online. Then once you get you Epassporte or if you already have one, or maybe even a member of a cam site I'm also on, just visit MY LIVE Cam info *&* lets have some FUN!
Place your order today *&* get FREE PRIORITY shipping in the US_Place your order today *&* get FREE PRIORITY shipping in the US
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Working on cam indicator!
Working on phone indicator!
Working on IF fan indicator!
Check out my chatroom, open 24/7 for all to enjoy *&* meet others!

Soon you can SEE all my UNDERGROUND SEX VIDEO'S! None of those staged Gloryhole set ups here!

All REAL, all ME SUCKING *&* FUCKING total STRANGERS! Just like you!

My VIP MEMBERS area is OPENING soon with all my adventures at the GLORY HOLES!

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